Cards for the Day: r’d Magician/Knight of Cups: Balance Your Heart to Release Anxiety and Improve Energy

Knight of Chalices--Yoga Tarot

The Magician reversed--Yoga TarotOur good inKnight of Chalices--Yoga Tarottentions for all the things that we want to do today may be blocked. I have the idea that the Magician has been thrown off balance by anxiety about money or health — material matters represented by the pentacle mandala that is now at the top of the card. Instead of acting, the Magician is talking to himself (do you see how blue, the color of the throat chakra, is now at the top of the card?) through his thoughts, letting his thoughts go around and around in circles so that it’s hard for him to even form his true intention for the day, much less act on it. His magic is draining right out through his busy upside-down head.

Luckily, the Knight of Chalices is upright, and in balance, and he has come to our rescue. In the Yoga Tarot, the Knight of Chalices is supposed to represent the union of heaven and earth — sound familiar? The Magician is supposed to unite heaven and earth as well! “As above, so below.” But the Knight isn’t charging ahead on his horse either. He is taking time out to kneel humbly and to pray and meditate. All around him is the green of the heart chakra. This Knight realizes that although he has things to do and places to be, he must first take time to draw himself back into his body, consolidating all his power in one place — the present moment. It would do no good for him to charge ahead with scattered energy and his head in the clouds. He has to be fully in his body and aware. This will make him feel more energetic, and it will make him stronger. Then he will be ready for whatever challenges are waiting to appear.

If you are depressed or anxious today, take time to not only meditate and pray, but also surround yourself with the color green, even if this only means looking at images of forests on the Internet. The color green will ease your heart chakra and help it to begin to come into balance so that it can do its job of connecting the higher and lower chakras together. In meditation, try breathing directly from your heart chakra. Imagine that you are inhaling straight into your heart, and exhaling straight out of it. This is important because the heart is the source of today’s blocked energy. If you can clear this block, the throat chakra will clear so that you can stop talking to yourself in circles and do other things. Your third eye chakra will clear so that you can see clearly and understand that all is or will be well. Your second chakra will clear so that you can stop worrying about relationships, and your first chakra will clear so that you can let go of fear, period. Yes, that’s a lot to ask of your heart chakra, but it is the key to balance, both above and below.

And business people, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking about the color green!! That kind of green may be on its way, too, but only after you get yourself into good emotional balance with a calm, centered heart chakra.


  1. In my afternoon meditation yesterday, I felt a bit scattered. As soon as I started breathing into my heart, it all shifted. Seems to be in alignment with your reading for the day.


  2. Loved this one. I read it while sitting outside on a hot Saturday afternoon, underneath a canopy of green trees, while anxiety plagued me like an unwelcome guest, and I lay supine, staring up into the sky, trying desperately to rein in my thoughts so as to go back home and write. When I read your piece, and the reminder to take the time for inspiration and turning inward toward our eternal well of fullness before we expend energy outward, I then found peace, inner stillness, and was able to go home and feel inspired to write.

    Thank you for sharing your insightful gifts with us through tarot.



    1. You are so welcome–I’m glad my post could be of some help. Thanks for taking the time to let me know!


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