Cards for the Day: r’d 9 & 2 of Cups: Take Time to Wish if You Want a Wish to Come True

Two of Cups--Rider-Waite

Nine of Cups reversed--Rider-WaiteTwo of Cups--Rider-WaiteWho can choose between dreams? Yet for your wish to come true, you first have to choose it. Take time to make your wish.

Then take action based on your wish. Don’t just sit around smugly waiting! Wishing alone won’t do it.

Still, a wish plus action is a pretty good road map for manifestation. And then we just might be able to turn that Nine of Cups card right side up to represent the wish come true.

Also, consider the colors that are coming up in these cards: blues and yellows. Voice plus will power. Another good road map for manifestation! If your choice involves another person (Two of Cups), you will definitely need that voice.

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