More Changes…and a New Name!

So — obviously — I decided to take the site changes in a different direction. The narrow post width for the last site incarnation was driving me crazy! While I was at it, I changed the name of the site to reflect the healing focus that I consider to be my niche in this work.

Several people suggested possible names to me, but my final choice came from my husband. 🙂

Why the photo background? First, this is a photo that I took myself, in the Anchorage area, and it shows a certain light that I think is just beautiful. Second, this photo is symbolic. It shows that dark and difficult times can be beautiful even when they challenge us. We can actually exult in our rougher moments and view them not as a setback, but as a doorway. Also, the hint of sunrise (it’s actually a sunset, but every sunset is a sunrise somewhere!) is symbolic of the new day that is hovering just over the horizon, on its way.

Again, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!


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