Yes, There Is Time to Rest. Yes, There Is Time to Meditate. Yes, There Is Time to Dream.

Lilac Mist--Universal Wisdom deckRest -- Universal Wisdom deckThis is a difficult time for many of us, so I am drawing from the Universal Wisdom deck today: Lilac Mist plus Rest. Oracle cards have a very sweet way of recognizing when times are tough. Those are the times when an oracle card will say something like, everything happens for a reason, there is a purpose to everything. That’s part of what I see in these cards. And yet, I shouldn’t be too sarcastic, because from a wider perspective, this is usually true. Sometimes the reason doesn’t have to do with us, in particular, though, and has everything to do with someone else or several someone elses. For example, a plane might crash because it ran into bad weather. That wasn’t the karma of the passengers. But there was a reason for it. It’s just that the reason had to do with larger events unfolding on the planet.

For this reason, I want to take a moment to ask that those of you who are going through financial difficulties during this recession not feel so strongly that you need to blame yourselves. Events such as a recession are bigger than one person or one family. And no matter how much Law of Attraction visualizing you have been doing, you may run into a universe that says, look, you ARE ALREADY experiencing abundance, right now — you have a roof over your head and food to eat. Not everyone has that.

What I am seeing lately is that men, especially, feel bad right now because they do not have the earning power that their parents had at the same age. They may even be going bankrupt. They feel personally responsible. But, and I’m going to say it again, this recession is not your karma and it was not caused by your personal failings. And your wallet is not a mirror for your masculinity.

Why am I saying this today? It seems to me that many of us are working long, hard hours trying to catch up. We somehow think that if we work long enough hours, we can make up the difference between what our parents earned when they were our age and what we are earning. But, today’s cards say: there is time for rest, all the time that you need, and far more time than you realize is available. There is time to rest, there is time to meditate, there is time to dream, there is time to connect with your spirit guides, and in fact, you will probably find that if you can include time for these activities, your productivity will go up on its own.

Moreover, if there is s*** to deal with today, you will get better results by approaching it with love.  (Not to be graphic, but you can’t clean up s*** by punching it — you have to take a more gentle approach.) And that’s hard to do if you haven’t rested, because reacting to malice or negativity with kindness takes tremendous discipline. But this is what we must do today (in my opinion, of course–your mileage may vary!): focus on love, release hate, and have some faith that things will get better. We have far more time, and far more support (in the form of angels and spirit guides) than we realize. Frankly, we also have more happiness, joy, and abundance than we give ourselves credit for. Change your focus just a little and focus on the loving parts of your life and the flame of love in your heart, and let it guide your actions. Because we’re all a bit touchy today, and I think we need love and understanding. Love can make our day much better than it was before we added love to it. Take a loving day and add rest as icing, and you’ve got a cake. So what else do you really need?


    1. It is hard, and it seems as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. I took time to rest yesterday and am badly behind schedule today. But I don’t think I could have kept going without the rest! That’s always the tradeoff.


  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been feeling very burnt out lately and feel guilty for that because I’m unemployed. like, why am i so tired when I don’t even have a job. it’s because I’m doing a million other things and looking for a job at the same time. I’m stressed , if don’t find work soon, problems are going to get worse. Your post made me realize that if I don’t rest, i will crash and won’t be able to accomplish anything.


    1. I’m glad the post could help. I think many of us are feeling equally overwhelmed right now, and we all feel that what we really need to be doing is….more? But we’re only human.


    1. Yes, precisely! 🙂

      We think we should have control. But if we did have it, in many cases we’d be better off releasing it.


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