Yule tarot blog hop: Vocational gifts. What bewitches you is part of you.

Because this is a time of year when many of us are thinking about gifts, our esteemed wrangler, Arwen, has asked us to focus on gifts for this blog hop: specifically, what our gifts are as readers.
Arwen didn’t ask us to talk about who gives us these gifts or where they come from. But I want to start with a few words about that, because in this industry, “gift” can be a very charged word.
To start with: I don’t refer to this work itself as a gift. I’ve had people tell me that I have “the gift.” But hearing that just makes me feel like someone is trying to butter me up for some reason that I don’t understand. I don’t know if “the gift” is actually a thing. When it comes to awareness, to bringing things forward into our awareness, in my opinion, no one has a gift and everyone has a gift. The multiverse is what’s gifted. It’s what’s psychic. Not us. All we do is look and listen and feel and pay attention. I don’t have “the gift,” I am just a quiet listener.  
That’s not to say that some people aren’t better at this than others. But here’s an analogy. I’ve also been told that I’m a gifted writer. Well, even if that’s true, it is NOT true that only a few people are born with the gift of using words or even of using words on paper. In the culture I grew up in, everyone learns to read and write, so everyone can write, not just me. Words come easily to me, that’s true, and I am very adaptible and a quick study when it comes to writing different types of materials for different purposes. But that’s just practice. I read a lot. I write a lot. And more to the point, I find words fascinating. Words and language fascinate me–and I’m using the word fascinate because it comes from the Latin for bewitch.
What fascinates you? What bewitches you? What enthralls you? What charms you? Whatever it is, I bet you’re good at it. And I bet you know a lot about it, and maybe even know it inside and out.
Often the thing that fascinates you is something or someone you love. So much that you pay attention to that subject at a level other people don’t.
Your love is your gift. If you’re wondering where your gifts are, look at what or who you love. 
This is my theory of vocational gifts, and I think that psychic “gifts” work the same way. I think the people who are best at this work love it, and have been loving it and practicing it with that loving devotion for years. It’s not the amount of love that makes one person better at this work than another, it’s the practice. It’s taking the time and doing the work, but you make time for and work on things that you love, so the two are not unrelated to each other. 
Re all of the above, of course, your mileage may vary; maybe you were born with a gift that you had never practiced and don’t care about in the slightest. It happens. Don’t take my rambling too literally; it turns out I’m not omniscient.  
Moving on, though, there are also gifts within gifts. And that’s what I see this spread being about.
For this spread, I’m using the Osho Zen Tarot.
20191215_214554_0011523032724.jpgCard One: What gift am I ignoring in myself? The Rebel (The Emperor). The Emperor happens to be my birth card, so this feels like the tarot is telling me to align with who I really am, like the numbers 10:24 that I see every time I look at a clock. They add up to the Chariot, but they’re also my birthday. For me, a huge area of rebellion is mixing science and spirituality. I’ve dipped into it here and there but haven’t spent much time devoting my loving attention to the confluence between the two.
But I’d be lying to you if I said that’s all I thought this card was about. It’s really about so much more. It’s about unwritten rules that I no longer believe in if I ever did, and it’s about speaking my mind ever so much more plainly than I have in the past. Yes, this is also closely connected to the loss of my husband (speaking of loving devotion), because he so often would say, “why do you care what anyone else thinks?” or “what do you care?”
Get ready for some blunt tarot readings from me.
20191215_2146111467767726.jpgCard Two: How can I bring that gift forward more? Patience (the Seven of Pentacles.) I find it interesting that the Osho Zen makes the Seven of Pentacles patience. I would have said that Strength was patience. But the Seven of Pentacles brings forward the assessment side of patience. And that’s so important when one is feeling rebellious. It is important to assess when and how to rebel, even though the rebellion often happens in the form of what feels like a lightning strike. But then, lightning assesses which way is best to go, too. It finds the nearest shortest route and flashes right through it.
20191215_214622846534013.jpgCard Three: What gift am I over-relying on? Completion (The World). This is the counterpart to the Rebel in my reading style. I tend to want to put the entire puzzle together. But nobody can remember all those pieces. The piece you need to remember is the missing piece. I have to find it in me to stop being so comprehensive and stop trying to fit together how each piece fits into every other piece. It’s too much, and it overwhelms people; it’s more than most of my clients really need.
20191215_214631693668494.jpgCard Four: How can I ease up on that gift? Celebration (Three of Cups). To me this is a call to read more in environments like parties and fairs where readings are faster and there isn’t time to put together all the puzzle pieces. I actually have a new set of post-it notes with my logo on them, that I had made with this intention in mind: I want to do short readings for people where I write a word on the post-it for them to remember to sum up the reading. Something that is a clear focal point, like a star, that guides the way but doesn’t try to map out the whole journey. It feels so counter-intuitive, like taking a step backward, to say less information rather than more, but the idea, I think, is for the little that is said to be bolder, braver, and clearer.
20191215_214641527337095.jpgCard Five: What gift can I expect to develop next year? Consciousness (Ace of Swords). This makes a lot of sense because I’ve been meditating daily and spending a lot of time following up on that meditation time with journaling and divination. I’m just operating on the assumption that awareness improves when you put in the time and practice. But I also see that an Ace is the number one and swords are words. So I hope this is the gift of knowing the ONE right word to say at the right time. Not the 10,000 words that I more typically provide!
Please, click on any of the links below to find more on this topic! But please do also add your comments below if you feel so inclined. I love reading them.


  1. Osho Zen Tarot is by far up there as one of my favourites, perhaps more so now that I am starting to understand the philosophy and context behind the deck. I guess the lay-Buddhist in me is twitching again 🙂 Very curious and interesting take and direction on ‘Gift’ – thank you for taking part.

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  2. For me the card here that really resonated with me was the World. I follow a path that tells me my readings can never be complete. That there must always be homework for my querent (and yes, I whine when I am the querent. LOL) It is a lovely thing to open a door for someone else. I have had to learn that I can follow every seeker no matter how OOOOH SQUIRREL their path is for me. 😀

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    1. Thanks for the comment, though I’m being so slow in replying to it! I totally relate to the OOH SQUIRREL reaction… And I agree that readings are never complete. I really need to learn to open the door and then step out of the way, rather than standing there talking about the door endlessly…. 🙂


  3. This is Arwen. I had to log in to leave a comment so I lost my previous one. UGH. For me, I resonated with the World here. I’ve had to learn that I am an opener of doors not a completer of stories for others. 😀

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  4. Oh my gosh, I completely agree with you about the word “gifts” — It’s always a big turn-off for me when the client immediately leans in, drooling almost, and says, “So, what are your gifts?” Or, “How long have you known you had a gift?” Ugh. And yes! What fascinates you, what you love, is your gift! Perfectly clarified. I imagine your description of patient lightning, waiting in the cloud, poised like a cat, and as soon as it sees the shortest path — Strike! I love your idea of using branded post-its and condensing the reading to a single word. Great idea. Have you started that practice yet? How’s it going?

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    1. Hi Joy, somehow I didn’t see this until now. I have only tried the word on a post-it idea at one event… There it seemed to work well. But I have been meaning to try it again and haven’t yet. Partly because I misplaced my post-its for a while… Sigh.


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