QUOTATION OF THE DAY: from Rasha’s Oneness

“…the inclination to force one’s personal will, when resistance is being encountered, can only result in an energetic nose-dive and the manifestation of circumstances calculated to cause frustration.” — Rasha, Oneness

This quotation may seem arcane at first, but I want you to think about it. Let me paraphrase Rasha for a moment: when you force yourself to do something that you don’t truly want to do, your motivation crashes (an energetic nose-dive) and you become frustrated by roadblocks, delays, procrastination. It ends up seeming as though the simplest thing, a task that should take no more than an hour or two, becomes something that you can’t get to for days.

Yet we often try to force ourselves to do things that we don’t want to do in the name of being more productive and trying to earn more money. This is understandable — everyone has a family to feed and house, obligations to meet, and it takes money to do this.

But I have come to believe that when it takes forever to do the simplest task, when you simply cannot get things done that ought to be easy to accomplish — either the universe is trying to tell you that this isn’t what you were meant to be doing, or your own personal energy is rising up in rebellion because it has other things in mind for you, or maybe it’s something simpler — maybe you have something else on your mind, something urgent, something that you feel you need to attend to desperately, and because you can’t stop thinking of that one thing, you cannot concentrate on your work.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

If they do, what you need is not caffeine or herbs or a cold shower or some other stimulant of your choice. What you need is to stop and attend to whatever it is that is drawing your energy so urgently away from the project at hand. It might mean putting off that project temporarily or even refusing the project. But if your energy has been desperately, urgently drawn to something else, I can almost guarantee that you won’t get that project done, at least not on time, anyway.

Though productivity is important, particularly for those of us who are sole proprietors of our own businesses or who work as freelancers, the honest truth is that you cannot increase productivity by beating a dead or dying horse. Before you can work productively, you have to deal with those matters that are on your mind — those matters that are calling your energy away and leaving you with a scattered mind and brain fog. Deal first with the matters that are so urgent that they make your brain fog disappear. It’s not a choice — those matters are the things that are holding your brain prisoner. Attend to them, and you will liberate your brain to become productive and get other things done.

Not an easy answer. Not a pill you can pop. But this is the truth.

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