Readings FAQ

Am I psychic?

People often ask me about being psychic. Personally, I believe the universe is psychic. And, as Rumi says, “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” We ARE the universe. Just as everyone has the internal programming — the spiritual DNA — to become a buddha, a saint, or an angel, everyone also has the spiritual DNA to be psychic. We are all wired for this. All we have to do is plug into it. Because I practice reiki, I view tarot as working much like reiki: I see myself, as a tarot reader, as a channel that the universe can flow energy through. My job is to keep that channel open and clear  — or put another way, to have the ability to descend into silence to listen. So to answer the question: am I psychic? I’d have to say: what I am is quiet, and, perhaps because of that, I am good at listening to what the universe has to say.

Can tarot predict the future?

Yes and no. The future is always changing based on the choices that we make and the choices that are made by others around us. In my view, tarot shows us the present energies surrounding a situation, and those energies indicate a tendency toward a particular future or futures, but not an unchangeable tendency. If we work with the energy of a situation, we can make important changes in our future.

Why read tarot cards at all if I don’t think they show us a “set in stone” future? Because tarot is MUCH more than a tool for looking ahead. A tarot reading is an interactive dialogue with the universe and can address almost any question, including practical and philosophical questions — not just questions about the future. When you start to think about that, tarot turns from a “woo woo” party game into a practical tool for working with our daily lives.

Can a tarot reading help me if I am feeling depressed or anxious?

Yes. In my tarot practice, I try to be the human equivalent of an essential oil or a crystal that can be used to alleviate anxiety and provide balance and calm. If you know me personally, you know that this aspiration is a good match for my personality — I am constantly being told how calming I am (even by checkout people at the grocery store!). I have also had clients tell me that my readings help with depression. However, if you are very depressed or suicidal, you should also consider talking to a mental health professional such as a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist, or phoning a suicide hotline. The phone number for the National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Please also know that you are not alone in feeling this way — and know, as well, that depression, like other challenging life circumstances, can be a stepping stone, or a gateway, to making important life changes and to developing a deep, rich spiritual life. You might not believe this right now, but depression can be very beneficial in the long run, even though it is also difficult to deal with in the short run.

What do I get with an email reading?

  • an email with my interpretation of your cards
  • jpg files of the cards that I pulled (and, for more complex readings, a jpg file of the entire spread)
  • follow-up communications related to your reading

How soon can I have a reading?

That depends on my current availability, but I can sometimes make time for an appointment or an email reading the same day, and will almost always be able to find time for you within 48 hours. If I get sick or other special circumstances arise that could affect the timeliness of your reading, I will let you know right away, and, if you feel you cannot wait for your reading, will refund your payment and refer you to another reader.

Is your reading confidential?

Yes. Not only is your reading itself confidential, but the fact that you even asked me for a reading is confidential. The only exception to this rule occurs in cases in which I request volunteers to ask a question publicly that can be answered on the website.

Will you do in person, Skype, or telephone readings?

If you are in Milwaukee, I would be happy to do an in person reading. Skype and telephone readings are an option as well.

Are you willing to read at parties?

Yes, if you are in the Milwaukee area and if I am available the day of your party. Contact me at to discuss party rates, or phone or text me at 414-459-9273.

What is the difference between an oracle card reading and a tarot reading?

Oracle cards vary widely; tarot decks have 78 cards that are divided into four suits, plus a set of major arcana.

Can I choose what deck you use for my reading? 

Of course! You can choose any deck that I have. If you are having an in person reading, your choices are limited to the decks I have with me at the time; otherwise, you are welcome to request any deck, and I will let you know if that’s a deck I have. I used to keep a page on this site updated with a list of my decks, but have found that it’s not practical for me to keep that list up to date since I am constantly expanding my collection! If you do not specify a deck, I will choose one.

Are there any questions you refuse to answer?

Yes. I’ll let you know if you ask me one. I might also suggest a rephrasing or reframing of  your question.

Will you do free readings?

Yes, sometimes. Here’s how you can get a free reading:

  • Follow me on Facebook or Twitter — occasionally I offer free readings there.
  • Volunteer to have your question answered publicly in a blog post (though if you prefer, you can ask anonymously or use a pseudonym instead of your real name). Right now I am working on developing the following features: Practical Tarot, Tarot for Skeptics, Relationship Tarot, and Tarot for Business. If you have a question in one these areas and would like to be a volunteer, please write to me at

Have more questions about my readings? Email me at

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