Take Time for Meditation — and Rest

Meditation--Universal Wisdom deckBut it’s Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week!

Rest -- Universal Wisdom deck

We are busy busy busy! Well, according to my cards for today, we are maybe a little too busy today. Take time for rest. Take time to meditate. It will help the busy part of your day. How? Meditation will help our throat chakras, and we’ll be able to better communicate with coworkers, clients and colleagues — because we will have a clearer sense of our purpose. Rest will give us energy for action — do you see how Toni Carmine Salerno colored the rest card orange (second chakra) and yellow (third chakra)? Rest is the foundation, the core, of all that we do. It’s at the core of our actions, and it’s at the core of our relationships. You have to deposit energy in before you can take energy out. Take time for it.


  1. Glorious advice, Bonnie. I found myself so relieved when I read this. It really is so interesting how we feel as if we need permission from ourselves, and ever others sometimes!, to allow ourselves time for self care and rest.


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