The Spiritual Path

I have noticed that my post, “The Spiritual Path: Why Tarot and Not Ministry?” has been getting a lot of page views, but it’s getting to be an older post now and is no longer featured on the front page. This made me realize that it might be useful to have a page with quick links to posts related to spirituality. As I write more posts on related topics, I’ll add links to those posts here so that it is easy to find them again later.

The most recent posts are at the top.

Meditation Without Mindfulness is Like Being Kidnapped by a Tengu Spirit

Five Steps for Making Meditation Less Austere and More Sustaining

Lay Down Your Sword and Pick Up a More Powerful Tool: Forgiveness

Working with the Negative Energy of a Funky Day

One Step Toward Recovery from Trauma: Release Negative Attachments with Help from Angels and Spirit Guides

Fight On with 100% Commitment

Meditate and Flow with the Energy of the Situation to Create Dramatic Change

Truth and illusion: Introducing the Samurai Tarot’s Duel Spread

In the face of what you don’t understand, act with integrity.

A Magic Lesson: 180 Your Day and Your Mood Using the Power of Intention

Does it matter if you “believe” in tarot?

How to Purify Karmic Debts

Three Tarot Strategies for Grounding and Centering

Abundance, Part 1: What’s Wrong with Talking About Abundance? 3 Problems

Abundance, Part 2: A Tarot Spread for Recognizing and Manifesting Abundance

The Spiritual Path: Why Tarot and Not Ministry


  1. I am very interested in you r blog…..once I can get the money up,,,i would love to have a reading. I have done this myself but havent broken them out in quite a while. i have been very sick …. actually me and my husband both. I do love your site and i love tarot……i have researched a lot of different religious historys and of course read a lot on the subjects that interest me…i feel as if i am an old soul trying to break thru the veil. thanks so much for your blog….i am definitely a follower…


    1. Thank you so much — I really appreciate your comment. Also, I have been very worried about finding ways to make readings affordable for people. I put up a first-time reading special on my readings page that is $5 off the normal price, so that may help some people, but I am also looking at establishing a regular weekly or biweekly time when I would offer free readings during a two-hour time slot. I’m still trying to decide when would be a good time slot for that, but I will do a post about it when I finally decide, to let people know. So please watch for that….and I hope that you and your husband are getting some good health care and will see some improvements in your health. And, I paused to say a prayer for your wellness before hitting reply. Good luck!


      1. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH….That means a lot to me. I love your site and hoping that it will pick up for you,. Blessed be to you and best of luckj.


  2. Hi there intuitive blogger, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel like we are on a similar path. Energy work and writing/blogging. I am writing about my journey through my meditation practice and it has been an awesome journey. I love the tarot and would love to have a reading sometime. I will connect agin in the near future. Namaste’


    1. Thanks, Onehearthealing, I look forward to connecting with you again! 🙂

      However, has something happened to your blog? I tried to go back to it just now to remind me of which one was your blog (because I’ve been exploring a lot of blogs lately and sometimes get them mixed up!) and I couldn’t find anything there…


  3. hover over her picture and a shadow box will show up and you will see a button that says view complete profile and you can get to it that way….the one with her name doesnt connect for some reason.


    1. You’re welcome! At first my eyes miscued your comment as “Sprint First,” lol…I thought, wow, this person is really committed to her phone company… 🙂 Then I looked at it again and realized what you were really telling me…thanks!


  4. Thankyou for stopping by and following my blog i would guess the reason the post gets so many hits is that it is the one that come up in the email options of posts to look at I always like to look at a few posts when I come to look round and am looking forward to exploring yours more


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