Why Tarot?

What is tarot?

  • Tarot can be a vacuum that siphons drama out of a situation.
  • Tarot can be a tool to calm you down or fire you up, depending on what’s needed.
  • Tarot can be the rock that helps you climb out of the waters of De Nile (denial).
  • Tarot can deploy humor to sneak common sense into you.
  • Tarot can be a comfort, at times when you need to know that it will be all right.
  • Tarot can be a place to turn when you need to talk and no one else will listen — you can always have a dialogue with the universe, through the cards.
  • Tarot can be a reality check.
  • Tarot can remind you of your unique position and your unique set of skills that you may, or may not, actually be utilizing.
  • Tarot can also remind you of the resources around you, of the abundance in your life, of the people who care about you.
  • At times, tarot can point out places where you are not being supported or loved — places where you may need to find some support.
  • Tarot can caution you about areas where you face a challenge.
  • Tarot can be a tool for finding a solution outside the box.
  • Tarot can provide guidance for spiritual development, meditation, and contemplation.
  • And sometimes, yes, tarot can be just for fun. 🙂


  1. My reason to use Tarot is that it allows me to understand my life better. I was blown away when I realized that the sequence of Major Arcana cards reflects the important stages of my own life. I started as 0 – Full, became a person interested in knowledge in my own profession (1 – Magician), etc. Right now I’m at the Empress stage and I anticipate the transition into the new level, which I already know what it will be. Tarot is really amazing tool, the key to understanding yourself and the reality around you.


    1. Thanks for your comment! I like your insight about the Major Arcana and your own life — we could probably all discover some major insights about our lives by spreading out the Major Arcana and lining them up with important events/stages in our lives.


  2. I have had several readings from you and each time I have loved the detail you put into them. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have found you….thank you, thank you, thank you! =)


  3. Yes yes yes! Great stuff. I love my relationship with the cards. Coupled with yoga, meditation, and Reiki healing I have finally found a spiritual “practice” that suits me.

    Light and love to you!


  4. Nice blog. I enjoy what you have to say about contradiction. It rings true for so many aspects of my life. I myself also like to be scientific/skeptical, but when it comes to things like tarot reading, astronomy and anything that involves some sort of spiritual aspect – I cant help but to be left fascinated and curious.


    1. Thank you. Yes, I love contradictions…and can’t help but notice that many scientists have a very spiritual side…I have heard several stories of physicists and astronomers becoming interesting in psychic phenomenon and faith healing. I think science and spirituality will come together, someday — and maybe they already are.


      1. Bonnie, I think you are right and that it’s already happening. Rupert Sheldrake is a great example. Watch his Ted Talk on the Science Delusion sometime. Also, the work of great minds like Nikola tesla and Einstein laid the foundation for the merging of science and spirituality. We are living in exciting times!


    1. Of course I don’t mind! Thank you — I’m glad that you thought it was worth linking to! 🙂


  5. I’ve only had my tarot cards read twice. The first time, in San Francisco in 1998, left me a little terrified at the accuracy of what they revealed. Fascinating and sobering.


    1. It can be a little spooky sometimes to see how accurate they are. But other times, it can be fun…especially, for example, when the cards have a humorously accurate reply to an overly serious question.


      1. I am always very careful to keep my intentions positive and loving. I trust that what the arts show me is for the best, that keeps me from feeling freaked out or nervous about their accuracy and even their bluntness at times.


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