Card for the Day: Lotus Rose

Today I drew the Lotus Rose card from Toni Carmine Salerno’s beautiful Universal Wisdom deck. As a Buddhist, I’m always delighted to see a lotus! To me this card signifies a time of blessings that are about to unfold. Lotuses grow out of mud and muck. This reminds me that although life can be full of negative experiences, often something wonderful comes out of those experiences. It starts with wisdom — the wisdom to make a choice to, in fact, grow up and out, rather than remaining mired in the muck. And then, once one is courageous enough, wise enough and bold enough to grow, full of faith that there will be sunshine and fresh air out there if one can only rise above all the negativity, one finds reason to celebrate and to be happy again.

It may seem as though I am saying that the reason for us to be happy and celebrate is out there, if we are only brave enough to stand tall and find it. But that’s not quite what I am saying. What I AM saying is, the reason to celebrate lies within us. When we stand tall, grow and rise above negativity, we merely show ourselves what we already possessed but didn’t realize we had.

Do you see why this card truly is about life’s blessings?


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