Card for the Day: Dreaming Landscape

A rainbow in the sky over clouds. This card is a call to spend time in nature, letting nature heal us, even though it’s very cold outside for many of us right now. Put on a coat and go out alone so that you can drink in all that nature has to offer. Nature’s gifts include not only healing but peace of mind and letting go. Not only do we need a reminder to go outside at this time of the year, but as we pass into the New Year, it is time to set aside and let go of the tumultuous emotional issues of the old one. Finding a way to connect with nature, even if it is not an option for you to spend much time outside right now, will help with this.

And remember that when we leave this life, we won’t take our warm houses and coats with us. All we can take is the soul. In Nature, the Universe can speak to you at the level of the soul. This might be a good segue to noting that rainbows are significant in many religions. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, they represent God’s promise to humanity never again to destroy the world with water. In Buddhism, they are associated with Buddhas and enlightenment. This card tells us that we are moving forward. Not only are we leaving behind that which we need to release, but we are moving forward into something wonderful, as much of an unexpected, rare delight as a rainbow is when we see it in the sky. Throw your entire self into your goals for the New Year, and you will succeed.

This card, again, is from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Universal Wisdom deck. I love this deck! And we’ve seen this card before, not that long ago. Hmm…

Dreaming Landscape, from Toni Carmine Salerno's Universal Wisdom deck

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