Card for the Day: The Emperor: Trying to Get Organized

Today is a day for steaming right ahead in some direction. We are full of enthusiasm for taking control of our lives, getting organized, and getting things done. Does that mean we are truly getting things done? Not necessarily (hence, I am posting this card for the day at 3 pm!). But our intentions are good, and that’s a start–we’ve set the process of getting things done in motion, and that’s more than some of us managed to do yesterday! 🙂

The thing is, the Emperor wants to control everything, but he can’t always manage it. Life intervenes. He is enthusiastic, energetic, direct. He takes the initiative and acts independently. All other things being equal, he WILL get things done. But there’s no guarantee that interruptions won’t trouble him, or that distractions won’t arise. If your Emperor has ADD, then he has ADD, regardless of how good his intentions are. So, your energy may translate into forming order out of chaos, as this card would seem to suggest, but it’s also possible that your mileage may vary–you may be full of good intentions and enthusiasm but end up running around trying to do everything but accomplishing nothing. But energy and enthusiasm is a start–at least one productivity-producing duck is lined up in its row today. See if you can line the others up along with it!

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