Cards for the Day: Reversed King of Cups/Reversed Queen of Pentacles: Ride Out This Emotional Flood

Are you feeling emotionally off-kilter today? Though women are supposed to be the more emotional sex, we all know that isn’t true–today especially! Male emotions are overflowing today (reversed King of Cups), so much so that the King will have to cling to his throne by his fingertips in the flood, and this flood will even reach the Queen of Pentacles, who looks like she is on fairly high ground. She’ll get knocked off her throne in the floodwater too, but that’s okay–neither throne is going anywhere!

I hope you know how to swim.

I’m joking, of course. Treading water should be good enough! Seriously, that is all you can do when a flood of emotion unbalances you — just ride it out and stay afloat until the floodwater subsides. There is no need to panic. Just stay calm, observe, and react as needed. Let the floodwater flow where it needs to — you couldn’t stop it even if you wanted to.

This may even be a good thing. Maybe the earth was getting dry. When it’s all over, there will be plenty of time to right the thrones and put everyone right side up again.

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