Prognosticating About Politicians: Justice/The Hermit: The Supreme Court Reviews Health Care Reform

I haven’t been following the campaign or much in the way of news, so I was puzzled to draw Justice and The Hermit for my Prognosticating About Politicians feature today. Then I thought, what candidate is “going it alone” (The Hermit) right now? The President is, because he is certain to be the Democratic nominee. A quick glance at the news showed me that Obama’s health care reform will get its day in court — before the Supreme Court — this week. You didn’t need tarot cards to tell you this…but apparently I did! (Note to self: start reading the newspaper…)

I don’t know what the court will decide, but these cards suggest the decision will be just and fair. So if you don’t like the decision when it comes down, whatever it is, pause for a moment and reconsider: could you be missing something? could the decision be fairer than it initially seems?

Let’s see what happens.

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