Cards for the Day: 9 of Pentacles/Knight of Cups: Don’t Wait for a Knight in Shining Armor, Follow Your Heart Now

Here we have two cards that seem very different but which are giving me the same message: follow your heart. You can follow your heart by working at home with what is familiar (Nine of Pentacles), or by going far afield (Knight of Cups). Either way, you can feel the energy flowing and bearing fruit (Nine of Pentacles) or bringing water to a dry land (Knight of Cups).

If either of these two people got carried away with his or her feelings, it would probably be the Knight. He is sensitive, impetuous, romantic, and a bit impractical. The Nine of Pentacles woman is the epitome of calm, probably because, like all gardeners, she must be patient. And so must we. Be patient and still today, so that you can recognize your chance to follow your heart and dreams when that opportunity arises. When it does, go for it.

And, women–don’t waste the time that you should spend following your own dreams waiting for a knight in shining armor like this one. He’s cute, yes, but who knows when he will be back? Meanwhile you are called upon to be self-reliant, independent, and to make your own way in the world.

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