Cards for the Day: R’d 6 of Swords/R’d 7 of Pentacles: Carried Through a Transition Whether We Like It or Not

This is a transitional time for many people, so it’s not surprising to see the Six of Swords come up. With this card reversed today, though, I have the feeling that the transitions in question are coming fast and furious — maybe much faster than we anticipated and faster than we might like or appreciate! I get the feeling that a flood is coming, but it’s not going to capsize the boat — instead, it will give us a rougher ride than we would frankly have liked. This isn’t all bad news, as I think the strong winds that go with this storm may shake some of the harvest of the Seven of Pentacles card off the trees earlier than we thought we could expect as well. As the saying goes, it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Keep your chin up.

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