Cards for the Day: R’d Ace of Cups/The Fool:

The Fool

It’s still a very emotional time (Ace of Cups reversed), although the flood of emotions and intuition from the last few days is abating somewhat. It’s not so overwhelming as it was before. Fortunately, the flood has brought us inspirational dreams and visions, motivating some of us to start a new journey (The Fool). Unlike some journeys we have undertaken in our lives, this one feels very intense, but it is a good change, so allow yourself to be happy about it. Don’t worry about how it will all come to pass. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all journeys begin at some point with essentially nothing (which is basically all the Fool has to work with — nothing). Allow today’s “new beginning” energy to refresh you and carry you along — this may prove to be a very exhilarating time.

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