Cards for the Day: The Magician/The Hermit: Intentional Solitude — Retreat to Set Goals and Plan

ImageImageEither of today’s cards would have been enough alone to write about: the Magician and the Hermit! Together I see them as very auspicious, an unstoppable pair, if what you need to do is set a goal, make a plan, and go for it. Except that they are not really a pair, but represent you, yourself, at various times in your life. The Magician tells us that we have the ability to magically transform our lives, simply by setting an intention and acting upon it. We can, in fact, bring about amazing transformations in our own lives. The Hermit tells us that we can’t go around willy-nilly setting wild intentions. We have to take time to reflect first, by retreating into solitude and meditation. (Meditation takes time, but, I’m sorry, you can’t leave it out, or you risk setting out with only a half-formed or malformed intention.)

Put in terms of productivity and our work life, these cards tell me that today is a good day to set goals, prioritize, organize our calendars, and plan ahead.

Put in terms of alternative health, these cards say to me: reiki and crystals. Why? Crystals are obvious — the Hermit is in the mountains, which are like giant crystals. Simply going to the mountains for a couple of days can clear your energy beautifully; spending real time surrounded by mountains can transform your emotional health. Mountains are one of the best kept secrets of alternative medicine, and they shouldn’t be!

The reiki connection for the Magician is not so obvious until you look at how the Magician is standing — wand aloft, hand pointed down at the earth, as if he were a lightning rod. Electrical energy. Reiki. Which makes perfect sense for the Magician because reiki and other forms of energy work are the “magic” of the alternative health world — there are reasons why energy work can accomplish needed changes, but even though it can be explained, reiki comes out looking like magic.

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