Cards for the Day: 10 of Swords/Reversed High Priestess: Don’t Let Drama Disrupt Your Inner Voice

Oh, not drama (Ten of Swords). Drama disrupts everything! If there is drama in your life today, you may find that the chaos and disruption around you makes it impossible to find time for meditation and self-reflection or even a semblance of calm. You may find that there is too much noise, and that you can’t hear your inner voice (The High Priestess). If possible, find a way to turn the High Priestess inside you right-side-up again. Find time to meditate or to do something else, anything, that gives you a chance to sit quietly. Take time out of the rushing around, and find time for quiet today. You don’t need the drama, so let go of it. Don’t even engage with the drama today. Be an observer, if that’s what it takes. Trust your inner voice more than the outer cacophony.

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