Cards for the Day: R’d 10 of Pentacles/King of Wands: Rise Above Family Squabbles

There may be a tendency for family squabbles (reversed Ten of Pentacles) to break out today — and/or marital nagging. Many of these quarrels may be about money. But is nagging, bickering, and verbal abuse a family tradition you want to perpetuate? Instead, take this opportunity to be the King of Wands — a fiery, creative leader. Use your creative vision to find a way through family crises and petty bickering. If nothing else, rise above it.

And if the bickering is about money — we’ve been talking a lot about abundance lately. Take time to recognize and appreciate the abundance you have, and the abundance that is present within the family, even if it does not take the form of material wealth. Is there really a reason to fight with each other today?

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