Cards for the Day: 6 of Pentacles/2 of Swords: $ from an Unexpected Source, Weighing Our Options

Two of Swords--Rider-Waite tarot

Six of Pentacles--Rider-Waite tarotTwo of Swords--Rider-Waite tarotWhy doesn’t money solve all our problems and bring us happiness? Well, it undeniably does solve some problems. But, the thing about money is that it almost always brings us choices (Two of Swords). Today, money may arrive from an unexpected source, putting us in a position to weigh our options (Six of Pentacles). We have several options to consider and a lot of work to do before going home for the night. Although we aren’t always ready to make choices like this, today, we are ready. We are calm and centered and balanced and we have at our disposal an ocean of wisdom and intuition just waiting, ready for us to draw on it as needed. It’s not a day to be depressed and anxious, but a day to be calm and steady, and to move forward on a path that will prove to be the correct one. It’s hard to make choices regarding what to say and how to act. Have faith in yourself and the path you choose to walk.

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