Cards for the Day: The Wheel/R’d King of Chalices: Good luck, finally, for divorced dads? I hope so.

King of Chalices--Yoga Tarot

The Wheel--Yoga TarotKing of Chalices--Yoga TarotSensitive, nurturing, caring guys out there, we appreciate you. We do. And by “we” I’m liberally referring to, not just women, but really all of humanity — a pretty sweeping claim, but nevertheless. We appreciate you, we love you, and we know that these adjectives really apply to all men, deep down. You guys sometimes put up a tough exterior, but in nature, most living things that wear armor or spines have something soft and vulnerable to hide underneath. It’s in there whether you want to admit it or not.

I’m taking the time to say this because of our upside down King of Chalices today. The King of Chalices (or King of Cups in many decks) represents what I think of as men at their best: sweet, understanding, sensitive, leading by example rather than by authority, acting with integrity. The Yoga Tarot shows the King of Chalices with a child on his lap, showing the child a lotus blossom — but he is reversed today. Is the child falling out of his lap? Or is he just having a rough day?

Though the King of Chalices has a major arcana card sitting to his left, The Wheel (or The Wheel of Fortune in a Rider-Waite deck), it’s the King who touches my heart here today. Because when men go through rough times, often they don’t get the support that they need. It’s assumed that they are invincible or something because they are men. But that’s not so. Men are far from invincible. They can be hurt. When I see this King, with a child in his lap, turned upside-down, it makes me think of divorce courts that are biased against men, and of all the men who end up not being able to see their children because of this bias. It’s wrong and hurtful. And I say that speaking as a woman, as a divorced (though now remarried) mother, and as a feminist. Men should be allowed to nurture, not denied their chance to do so because of a relationship gone wrong.

But maybe this strong, positive major arcana card, The Wheel, speaks of men who have been through this horrible experience finally getting their chance, whether this means that they finally receive some emotional support, that they finally get to see their kids, that they finally get some of the recognition they deserve, or that they finally just plain get a second chance in life, financially, romantically, or otherwise.


  1. How adorable you are! Maybe I should stop by and “make your day, again,” every day? Keep up the great work! Many Blessings!


      1. It’s the “sweetness” of YOU, reflecting off of me!

        **Your face isn’t really green, is it?


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