Cards for the Day: Queen of Wands/Knave of Swords: On Fire With Ideas, But Remember to Be Truthful

Queen of Wands--Yoga Tarot

Queen of Wands--Yoga TarotKnave of Swords--Yoga TarotThough I’m drawing my daily cards from the Yoga Tarot, my sense of what they mean is coming from the Universal Waite. In the Universal Waite, the Queen of Wands and the Page of Swords are both wearing yellow, the color of the solar plexus chakra: will, efficacy in the world. Our ability to work with our circumstances and make things happen. Today, we may find that we are so enthusiastic about our ideas (Queen of Wands) that despite possible communication and technology problems (Knave of Swords — see his broken trident?) we still manage to act on our ideas and share them with others.

The Queen of Wands also brings us a message — if we want to work to excess, today might be the day we could get away with it, because our passion for our work is running higher than usual today. Also, prosaic day-to-day work and family duties can bring us spiritual realization (symbolized by the Queen’s purple background) — we don’t have to live in a monastery to achieve that.

The Knave brings us a message as well — but his message is of testing. We are challenged to be truthful and honest today, and though we may think that honesty will bring everything we’re trying to achieve crashing down, it won’t — it will, instead, prove to be another, different way of accomplishing what we were hoping to.

Both cards are indicative of getting things done today. It should be a better day, especially for those of us who are prone to depression and anxiety and who often have difficulty accomplishing what we need to. It will be a little easier today.


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