Cards for the Day: the Samurai Tarot: Focus Tenderly on Craftsmanship at Work — And If Need Be, Enforce Boundaries

The Empress--Samurai Tarot

I’m posting these cards for the day rather late (I was at the DMV for much of the day), but perhaps some of you are still at work and will find these useful. I used the same mini-spread as yesterday:

1. What is the struggle about? reversed Fool and reversed Three of Pentacles.Three of Pentacles reversed--Samurai Tarot Typically for a Monday, we are not so sure we’re ready to bThe Fool reversed--Samurai Tarote back at work with our coworkers (reversed Three of Pentacles). There is trust missing (reversed Fool), either trust in one’s coworkers, or perhaps trust that one’s work is really ready to be shown to/shared with them — but basically, everything is okay. The Fool is still the Fool, a happy guy with faith in himself, willing to stride confidently out into the unknown, even when he is hanging upside down foolishly. He’s just not having the world’s most productive day.

The Empress--Samurai Tarot2. What is the missing link? The Empress. When it comes to concerns about our work, we need to approach them tenderly, as a mother would approach her children. This may mean bringing our yin, feminine side to bear on our work, tenderly attending to each detail, nurturing it patiently, and being an empathetic, concerned coworker and colleague to those around us.

However, note that the Empress, like any mother, is not all tender concern. She has a spear in her hand — for enforcing boundaries and limits. And she could turn into a destructive goddess, Demeter-like, if she feels that her offspring are being threatened. This is a no-nonsense, survival-oriented Empress, with the red and orange of the root and sacral chakras painted all around her. If you are her, step into  your power, and if you are not her but have to deal with her — tread lightly.

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