Cards for the Day: The Lovers/7 of Swords: Love Can Withstand the Truth: Tell

The Lovers--Yoga Tarot

The Lovers--Yoga TarotSeven of Swords--Yoga TarotThe Lovers have appeared in my cards today — but with them, the Seven of Swords, a card that often indicates deception, trickery, betrayal. In this case, though, I am interpreting the Seven of Swords as the truth that we might not like to hear (look at the beautiful blue throat chakra colors on this card!). Love can withstand it. If you need to tell someone something, tell. Ground first, like a tree, like the yogi on the Seven of Swords card, hold your loved one in your arms, like the couple on The Lovers card, and then be brave and tell. True love isn’t about always hearing what we want to hear — it’s about walking a path in life, a rocky path if need be, but walking that path together.  True love can withstand the truth, no matter how hard. (Yes, I’m a romantic.)

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