Cards for the Day: 4 & 2 of Pentacles: Budget Juggling

Two of Pentacles--Rider-Waite

Four of Pentacles--Rider-WaiteTwo of Pentacles--Rider-WaiteQuick post today: Financially, things are better than they were, but ironically, we are all still very worried. That’s not surprising in the middle of a recession. But try to breathe through this. Money may be tight, but not as tight as we fear, and we are managing to juggle. It will be okay. We have the skills we need for this kind of balancing act. Just hang in there.

And, notice, the juggler with two coins looks like he’s doing better than the worried urbanite who is clutching his four coins for dear life. If we can move with the flow, using intuition to help guide us, we can make do with less. Be flexible: money needs to be in motion. If it sits in one place, it doesn’t grow. You just have to balance the in flow with the out flow. Easier said than done! 🙂

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