Cards for the Day: Empress/R’d 7 of Wands: Creative Energy Plus an Overload of Work to Do

The Empress--Yoga Tarot

The Empress--Yoga TarotSeven of Wands reversed--Yoga TarotToday’s cards sound like the story of my day (and I’m only an hour into it!): good, strong creative energy (The Empress) but a backbending (hopefully not back breaking) level of work to go with it. Today will be a race to see whether creative energy and focus can keep pace with all that work.

Note that both these cards are swirling with a rainbow of colors, a good sign of balanced chakras and of being in a balanced place. And, is that a phoenix in the sky over the Empress?

If you happen to be physically pregnant, I hope these cards are not a sign of back labor…

Whether the labor in question is physical or creative, my guess is that the Empress will turn that Seven of Wands right-side-up again. Have faith in her, and stay calm during your busy day.


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