Drawing from a Deck Not Meant for Divination: A Forecast for HSBC

CYA card, cover your ass, Corporate Flashcards

Have you ever, just for fun, used a deck that is not intended for divination for, well, divination? Just for fun,

Corporate Flashcards boxafter reading in the news that HSBC will pay a fine to the U.S. government for laundering money belonging to drug cartels and to countries that are under U.S. sanction (if you’re curious, here’s a link to theBBC story), I decided to draw a card for HSBC from…a deck called Corporate Flashcards.

Corporate Flashcards is a silly, for fun deck of corporate jargon. I don’t think anyone ever intended that it be used as an oracle deck.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So I grabbed the Corporate Flashcards deck and asked it, “what is the outlook for HSBC’s future?”

CYA card, cover your ass, Corporate Flashcards

Here’s what I got: “CYA: cover your ass.”

Hmm. I might just have to draw from non-divinatory sources more often — just to lighten things up around here! 🙂


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