Too Much Wishing at This Time of Year (R’d 7 of Cups, R’d Justice)

reversed Seven of Cups, Yoga TarotJustice reversed--Yoga TarotYou don’t need me to tell you this, but this is just the time of year when everyone gets a little too caught up in the holidays. I don’t really feel like blogging about the holidays, but they are written all over today’s cards from the Yoga Tarot: reversed Seven of Cups, reversed Justice. Yes — wishing too much, shopping too much (even when we are shopping for loved ones and not ourselves), can all get to be too much — and it leads to consequences, causing us to throw our lives totally out of balance in an acquisitiveness that we don’t allow ourselves to engage in the rest of the year.

My advice is, just stop. But that’s not an easy thing to do when everyone around you is throwing gifts at each other! Short of that, try to keep it in balance.

Also, the Yoga Tarot’s Seven of Cups always looks like inflammation in body cells to me. Imbalanced holiday frenzies can also lead to imbalances in health, so be careful. And get a check up if you need one. Don’t just wish that your health is okay — make it so (if possible).


    1. Thanks! You must have been browsing the site while I was in the middle of updating the theme…hope that wasn’t too disconcerting! 🙂


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