Find Stillness in a Discombobulating Day

Two of Swords reversedKnight of Pentacles reversed

Today is one of those days that has everyone feeling discombobulated. There are forgotten appointments turning up, changes in routine, and budgeting difficulties. It may feel as though everything is going wrong, or it may be one of those “running late all day” days. When we try to run errands, it seems as though crowds have descended at every location that we go to, even in places that are normally much more peaceful. The Knight of Pentacles would normally help us to feel stable and secure, but he’s fallen off his horse.  

Though we might like to cancel today and just go back to bed (that’s certainly how I feel!), a better solution would be to cancel one of those appointments and take some quiet time for meditation (or some activity that relaxes and nourishes you) instead. Somehow, we have to find the stillness that we need to help us make the day’s choices (Two of Swords reversed). Because the thing is, if these cards were reversed, it would be a very different kind of day — and we would feel balanced and stable. We have the ability to turn these cards upright again, and manifest that kind of a day — even if we are already halfway through it.

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