Frugal Tarot: 20 Free Gifts You Already Have That Can Change Your Life

I may update this and add comments later, but for now, just the list (in no particular order). Think of these as tools that you carry around with you wherever you go — tools that can never be taken from you and that can be applied to any situation:

  1. Intention
  2. The Placebo Effect
  3. Breath
  4. Prayer
  5. Affirmations
  6. Intuition
  7. Grounding
  8. Release
  9. Visualization
  10. Ritual/Routine
  11. Strong Spirit
  12. Voice
  13. Presence
  14. Awareness
  15. Faith
  16. Integrity
  17. Discipline
  18. Calm
  19. Courtesy
  20. Energy

Even if you were to have everything you own taken from you, even if you are sent to prison, these 20 things go with you. They cannot be taken. And they are the basis of your liberation. Think about that. I’m sure you can add to this list!


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