Choices and Relationships: Working Together Harmoniously Even During Tough Times

The Lovers reversedTwo of PentaclesIt seems as though most readers interpret the Lovers, reversed, as being indicative of a relationship that isn’t meant to be — or one that has been entered into for the wrong reasons, for material reasons rather than spiritual ones. Yet I don’t see this card in quite the same way. There are other ways in which the tarot could tell us that a relationship wasn’t meant to be. My feeling is that the Lovers are lovers, whether they are right side up or upside down. The angel on the card is always there, even if appearing at the bottom of the card rather than the top. To me, this card does not say that the relationship won’t go forward — what it says to me is that true love is not the end of the story. If lovers choose to walk a path together, it will still be a path. It will have ups and downs. The Lovers reversed speaks to me of lovers facing difficult challenges, but facing them together — and being held up, the whole time, by that angel on the bottom of the card.

Maybe I’m just an optimist.

Combining the reversed Lovers with the Two of Pentacles, I see couples facing choices, choices that have to do with material issues, such as money, sex, or other issues that relate to basic survival. Not surprising in this recession!

But this isn’t a bad news reading; I see it as good news. Because like I said before, I’m an optimist (even if I am a cynical optimist at times). And what I see here is this: the spiritual connection between the Lovers and the protection and support of the spirit world, represented by the angel, will keep the two together and keep them going even when the going gets tough. Moreover, the Two of Pentacles is upright. These two may be juggling a lot of different things, but they are still keeping the balls in the air, not dropping them. The ships on the stormy seas of emotion are still afloat. And as long as the juggler’s two hands (or the two Lovers) keep working together in a coordinated and harmonious way, they will get through this challenge without dropping any balls. It will be all right.

On the other hand, if the two hands start to fight each other, the whole situation will go to hell fast. There will be dropped balls all over the place. And the ships in the background will wreck. So take time to appreciate and work harmoniously with your partner or family members, today. And stay focused on what needs to be done. Juggling takes concentration. You have been warned! 🙂


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