Come Out of the Cave, Stop Moping, and Join the Fray

The Hermit reversedNine of Swords reversedFive of WandsBusy day, so of course I accidentally drew three cards! The Hermit reversed, Nine of Swords reversed, Five of Wands. For some of us, the past few days or weeks may have been a time of withdrawal, of turning inward and focusing on all the things that we are worried about. But now it’s time to come out of the cave and join the fray again. No guarantee that the things that worry you are going to work out as they should. And those worries will still be there with you even as you throw your energy into the struggle. There is no magic cure for worry and anxiety (sorry!) though there are ways to lessen its effects. But your best chance of a better as opposed to a worse outcome is to go out and give it a try. No more time for moping.

But if you want some good news, it’s this: that Five of Wands energy is strong, clear, assertive. You have it in you to go and attack your problems or agenda for today. You CAN let go of the worry for a day. (You don’t have to totally release it if you don’t want to, just set it on a shelf.) Even if you don’t win the battle of today, there is something to be said for the feeling of throwing yourself totally into something until you wear yourself out. Even if you don’t “win,” there is still a good positive energy about that. It will make you happier than withdrawing and trying to sit it out. You may or may not win today (and I’m not saying you won’t win, just that there’s no guarantee), but either way, you will have shifted your inner energy and your inner environment, and that will have a positive ripple effect into the rest of the week.


    1. Thanks! Good luck with getting back into your routine. This reading was appropriate for me too today! 🙂


  1. But I don’t want to come out of my cave yet! I’m a happy hermit and I always hate to see the hermit reversed, trying to dump me out of my cave. But I guess it’s time. *sigh*


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