No Matter How Much You Need to Do More, You Are Still Subject to Human Limitations

Ace of WandsTen of Wands--Reversed!I have an idea. Let’s take one more responsibility and add it to the list of responsibilities that we are already overburdened with. Yes, I know, when I put it like that, you can see the madness of it. It’s just that this one idea, this one more thing, is something that we feel very enthusiastic about. It might be connected with living our dreams or doing something we’ve always wanted to do.

That’s all well and good, but there are still human limits. If you are carrying ten burdens already, and you add an eleventh, something, somewhere, is going to snap. You’re going to drop something. Not: you should drop something for your own good, but you WILL drop something because you are human. My advice is to think it through and set one of those wands (responsibilities) down, or delegate it, or do what you need to do. In other words, make a plan for this. Don’t just add burdens to your shoulders willy nilly without thinking about how on earth you are going to carry them all. If nothing else, at least buy a backpack!

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