A Cranky Energy Day

Ace of Wands, reversedSix of Pentacles--Reversed!I wound up pulling five cards this morning: first the reversed Ace of Wands and reversed Six of Pentacles, and then, in clarification, reversed Three of Pentacles, The Sun, and Five of Swords. Whew!

Three of Pentacles--ReversedThe SunFive of Swords

Not all is right when it comes to our relationships with other people today. And on the day after Valentine’s Day, too! First, we don’t feel like helping others today (reversed Six of Pentacles). We might think that we should, but our enthusiasm for the idea is blocked (reversed Ace of Wands). Why? There’s this feeling of crankiness, of others not cooperating with us (reversed Three of Pentacles). And we are so not up for this kind of squabbling (Five of Swords). We’d rather just walk away from this fight and go and be happy by ourselves (The Sun). The heck with them!

Is it the right and most responsible decision to go away and play in the Sun instead of helping the people who are asking us for help? Well, the answer to that is always, that depends. On the one hand, if you are feeling beset by trouble and lack of cooperation on all sides, I think going away to be alone and perhaps spend some time in meditation is wise. There is no lack of honor in saving the fight for another day (and besides, often when you postpone a battle, the need for it dissipates in the meantime). On the other hand, the energy today feels sort of temper tantrumish — we know that others are relying on us, and to bug out at such a time is childish and irresponsible.

My advice is to take the middle road. Some time for yourself to recharge and to release the cranky temper tantrum energy so that you can approach the situation more constructively. And then, some time devoted to responsibly being there for the people who need us.

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