Five Questions You Don’t Need Tarot to Answer

It’s fun (and inspiring) to ask tarot almost anything. But, you don’t need tarot cards to answer some of life’s most important questions. Not only do all of us have intuition, but in many cases our intuition will practically hit us over the head with the answer to our burning questions. Sometimes we don’t pay attention — but we should.

1. What will happen to the world (economy, environment, etc.)? Answer: Imbalance doesn’t persist forever in nature. Balance has to find its way back one way or another. This means that, for example, no one country can continue to hog the world’s wealth or resources forever. Eventually things have to come back into balance. And you can feel the swing back into balance intuitively, whether you realize it yet or not. For example: no, the U.S. economy is not going back to post-World War II levels. Yes, oil prices will continue to rise; so will gas prices: oil and gas are finite resources. We don’t need tarot to tell us this. And by the way, the return of balance is a positive thing. Be grateful for it.

2. Is this true love? If you have to ask, no, it isn’t. Look in your heart, not in the cards. You know the answer. Likewise if the question is: should I forgive my lover for having hurt me? The answer to that is in your heart and always has been.

3. Will I live happily ever after? No, you won’t. Nobody does. You will have happiness and unhappiness, ups and downs, like everyone else. If you are looking here for an answer to question 2, above, don’t. True love is not an inoculation against unhappiness. You may have found true love and yet may still face many challenges to your spirit in the course of this relationship.

4. Am I safe right now in this moment?/is this person safe to be around? For this question, you need to ask your gut, your first chakra where your feelings about physical safety reside. Trust your gut feelings. If the situation feels unsafe, it is unsafe. If the person you are with feels creepy, stay away from him/her.

5. What is my current state of health? You already know the answer to this, and if you have concerns, you should check with a doctor or with the health care practitioner who is appropriate to your concerns. But, intuitively, you can feel the answer to this in your body. You already know what lifestyle changes you may need to make because you can feel the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle in your body, if you are paying attention. You also know where your weak areas are. If something major is threatening your health, you are very likely seeing signs of it or feelings signs of it intuitively. As in the answer to question 4: trust your gut feeling, and see the appropriate practitioner.

Can you or should you ask these questions of a deck of tarot cards? You can, and you might very well receive important insights that can act as an adjunct to what you already have picked up from your own intuition. But you certainly don’t need to ask tarot this kind of question.


    1. Oh, definitely more fun than reading the newspapers, lol. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


    1. Sometimes, yes, it is. But all of us have moments when we’re too close to a situation and common sense evades us…


      1. Yes, that is totally true. Disregard my original post because I’ve done this a lot! I get stressed out and forget how to do simple things, like thinking.


      2. We all forget that sometimes, lol. Sorry to be slow in replying! I am finally done with the book I was writing so should be online regularly again.


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