Relationship Tarot: What’s the Best Way to Get Over a Broken Heart?

What IS the best way to get over a broken heart? Just to be…difficult, I asked the Corporate Flash Cards. This is the response they gave me: Paradigm Shift--Corporate Flash CardsEOD--Corporate Flash CardsSweet Spot -- Corporate Flash Cards

Paradigm shift, EOD (end of day), and sweet spot. Short, sweet, punchy advice if you ask me: change your whole way of thinking. Do it fast (by EOD, damn it!). And find your own sources of pleasure (or, if you want a more spiritual answer, find your own way to be balanced in the world).

Of course, that’s asking a lot. Unless you’re a Scorpio, your paradigms may not shift that fast (certainly not by EOD!). Still, it’s good advice. Find a different way to look at the situation. Find something you enjoy to focus on in the meantime (that sweet spot!).

Okay, so HOW? I turned back to the cards, and drew these two: come to Jesus, and outside the box.

come to Jesus -- Corporate Flash Cards

outside the box -- Corporate Flash Cards

So, I feel there are two ways to interpret the “come to Jesus” card. One is that you need to have a confrontation with the person who did the heart-breaking. That might be the approach if you are staying in the relationship and need some assurance that you won’t get your heart broken again. It might be time for an ultimatum. Another way to read this card, in or out of the relationship, is to think of it as literally “come to Jesus” — if you are Christian — or as a figurative call to “get religion,” if you aren’t. The spiritual side of life can be very compelling at times when you have been through problems that are too serious to really talk to anyone about but your god, or gods, or nature.


Thinking “outside the box”? Well, that’s just telling us all over again to be creative and find a way to bring about a paradigm shift. Look at the situation in a way that you haven’t before.

Since I seem to be creating an inverse pyramid with these cards, I decided to draw a last one. My question now is: what is the foundation for all these changes that might need to take place if we’re going crazy thinking outside the box and shifting our paradigms? Answer: out of pocket. out of pocket -- Corporate Flash CardsThis card’s catchphrase makes it sound like it’s about money, but I don’t think so. If you look closely at the definition printed on the card, it says “unreachable or difficult to contact, even via email and telephone, esp. for work purposes.” To me this says that the key to recovery from heartbreak is solitude: taking time alone to “come to Jesus,” shift your paradigm, and most of all to recover and regroup. I don’t know that we’re all meant to do this by EOD! But it will happen faster if we can take time to be alone and spend some time in quiet meditation and contemplation.

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  1. Thanks for this one Bonnie. I totally needed that encouragement and boost 🙂 The corporate flash cards are interesting and strange to me for tarot but I like them!


    1. Glad you liked it! The Corporate Flash Cards obviously were never meant for divination…they are a joke deck that I think my husband bought from Mental Floss…but, sometimes the most non-divinatory decks can pack quite a tarot punch! 🙂


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