Practical Tarot: Spread for Considering an Offer to Buy Real Estate

(Note: this post was originally written more than a year ago–I decided to hold it, unpublished, until the deal was no longer at issue. For the actual outcome of this situation, see below.) I received an offer to buy my house today (April 2012) — and decided it would be worth designing a tarot spread for evaluating the offer. I have a lot of doubts about this offer because it is contingent on the buyers’ selling their own house.  Here is what I came up with:

[top row, from left to right]

1. Buyer’s motivation: why is the buyer making this offer?

2. Buyer’s financial situation: is the buyer capable of carrying through on the offer?

3. Buyer’s integrity: will the buyer behave ethically in the course of the transaction?

[second row]

4. Seller’s recommended next step.

Why did I not include an outcome card? I think these decisions tend to take place when people are ungrounded and caught off guard. I think taking a step back to look at the whole situation and the energy surrounding it is more grounding than asking the cards to decide for you whether the offer is worth it. Furthermore, guidance from tarot is only one aspect of considering a business deal, and shouldn’t be the major deciding factor — that should come from your own business sense and from practical, rational considerations. This spread is mainly intended to offer some guidance as to the overall climate surrounding the deal.

Above, you can see my results–here is my interpretation:

1. Buyer’s motivation: The Empress. I think the buyers are interested in my house for reasons connected with motherhood and children. Maybe they like the school catchment area the house is located in, or maybe they think that the location is more family-friendly than their current locale.

2. Buyer’s financial situation: The Chariot. Though the buyers do not have financing yet, they are moving forward in the process. No guarantees, but at least the process is moving ahead dynamically.

3. Buyer’s integrity: Queen of Cups, Reversed. I don’t think these buyers are going to let their feelings enter too strongly into what they feel is a business decision. I can trust them to look out for themselves, but not for me. Which is true in many (most?) business deals anyway.

4. Seller’s recommended next action: Knight of Pentacles, Reversed. To me, this looks like I should send a message warning that I am thinking of turning down the offer, despite The Chariot above. Remember, The Chariot above is their Chariot — not mine! This is a good deal for the Buyer, but not necessarily for me. Knights may be messengers — and pentacles can represent money. To me, this is a thumb’s down on the amount of the offer and on the buyer’s current lack of financing. At the same time, I could entertain other offers from the same buyers later — when their Chariot has progressed further and they are more ready.

[1+ years later] What was the outcome? I turned down the offer, these buyers made a new offer, and I turned it down again. They really did want a deal that would have been awesome for them (who wouldn’t?) but not reasonable or affordable for me. Now, more than a year down the road from that particular offer, I still think my decision was a good one.

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