All is Well — or Soon Will Be

These are anxious times for a lot of people. But the situation is not as bad as we think. It’s a strange feeling to realize that though things are falling apart (even the Earth itself seems to be behaving very abnormally), at the same time, this is all for the best. It’s in the nature of a system coming back into balance to experience upheavals that we find unpleasant. But these are symptoms that, though negative in terms of how we experience them, are still positive in terms of their final outcome (don’t pay too much attention to my terminology–there is no such thing as a final outcome!).

Drawing from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies today, I pulled “Your Desire is Within Reach” and “Spring.” And this seems right to me — the seeds have been planted, the flowers will manifest, once they have time to grow. The systems in question will come back into equilibrium. We just have to be a bit patient in the meantime and keep planting more positive seeds, and cultivating them gently so that they can grow. Literally and figuratively. Your Desire Is Within Reach -- Magical Messages from the FairiesSpring -- Magical Messages from the Fairies


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