Better Out Than In

reversed Three of Chalices, reversed Five of Wands, reversed Judgement
from the Samurai Tarot, reversed Three of Chalices, reversed Five of Wands, and reversed Judgement

It seems like Mercury retrograde is pulling out the stops when it comes to our emotions and introspection. Again from the Samurai Tarot, we have the reversed Three of Cups and the reversed Five of Wands (third time recently for the Three of Cups? second time recently for the Five of Wands?), and, tying the two together, Judgment reversed.  What do we have here?

  • a large ghost from the past

    Three of Chalices reversed -- Samurai Tarot
    Three of Chalices reversed, from the Samurai Tarot, showing the wedded rocks at Futimagaura
  • rocks turned upside down (x2)
  • something overwhelming that we have to stand calm in the face of (the ocean, the ghost, the height)
  • duality (two rocks, ghost and traveler facing off, self and self facing off)

In each of these cards, the two shown are tied together. The rocks at Futimagaura, on the Three of Cups card, are tied together literally with a rope. The self and the self on the Judgement card are tied together by the fact that they are the same person. And the traveler and the ghost are tied together by their shared history.

Five of Wands reversed -- Samurai Tarot
Five of Wands, reversed, from the Samurai Tarot

Well, isn’t this a day of everything times two? And everything coming up again? (Hope you’re not sick with a stomach flu!)

If emotional matters have come up again, ride them out, like the rocks at Futimagaura. The waves can crash against you, but will not harm you. The ghost in the forest may pass, but will also not harm you. Be present and observe. THIS time, let the past pass — without melodrama. And then, when it’s time to judge, be compassionate. Release the past. It’s better out than in. Doubly so if the past you’re releasing is last night’s dinner… 🙂

Judgement reversed--Samurai Tarot
Judgement reversed, from the Samurai Tarot

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