Unveiling Sally’s Moon Cards: Friendship Plus Excitement

friendship, excitement, moon, Sally
Friendship (waxing crescent) and Excitement (first quarter), from Sally’s Moon Cards

My youngest daughter recently got tired of hearing me point out the beautiful moon in our sky. She exclaimed, “You need a deck of moon tarot cards!” And taking matters into her own hands, she made me a deck for Mother’s Day. But I hadn’t drawn from them yet for the website, and she is a bit put out. So–drawing from Sally’s Moon Cards today, we have Friendship and Excitement.

After drawing these cards, I checked to see what phase the moon is in today, and how about that? It is a waxing crescent. And friends are exciting! And Friday night is the perfect evening to spend with exciting friends. đŸ™‚

Personally, I can’t help but wonder if this excitement about friends is connected with Sally’s upcoming birthday…

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