Think New Business Ideas Through Before Rushing Into the Marketplace

Five of Swords reversed--Samurai Tarot
Five of Swords reversed — from the Samurai Tarot.

Sometimes I think the Samurai Tarot is especially well suited to business decisions, and I see that today in the cards that I pulled: reversed Five of Swords, and then, all stuck together, the Four of Pentacles, reversed Knave of Cups (represented by Tenjin, the patron of calligraphy and scholarship), and the reversed Magician.

Four of Pentacles -- Samurai Tarot
Four of Pentacles, from the Samurai Tarot

Do you have a business or job-related idea right now that makes you want to charge in, and just give it your best shot, no matter what the odds are? These cards suggest that you plan before you charge — look before you leap. The marketplace itself is more stable than your business idea, right now. Even a good idea requires careful preparation, and Tenjin, the patron of calligraphy, appearing here, suggests to me that putting those plans on paper, and writing a business plan, would be a wise first step.

Knave of Chalices reversed--Samurai Tarot
The reversed Knave of Chalices, from the Samurai Tarot. Represented here by Tenjin, the patron of calligraphy and scholarship

So would taking the time to do your research — including your market research. There’s no need to rush into a marketplace in which you feel the odds may be against you — instead, prepare the ground so that the odds are NOT against you, so you don’t have to charge in quickly and hoping for the best, because you will have prepared so well that you’ll feel confident that the business idea will do well. In other words, like the reversed Magician who appears here, take time to set your intentions, preparing them fully, and making sure that you have the appropriate tools lined up and ready.

The Magician, reversed, Samurai Tarot
The Magician reversed — from the Samurai Tarot

The book that goes with the Samurai Tarot advises us: “Even the gods and buddhas began with space.” Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful way to survive in today’s economy — but take the time to do it right, planning and preparing before you rush into the marketplace.


  1. Never seen these decks before. Thank you for sharing them and thank you for sharing your wonderful post:D


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