Need to Manifest Something?

Quick cards today (I’m in the middle of a deadline). This time, I asked a specific question: what do I need to know about the law of attraction and manifestation?

Eight of Pentacles, Universal Waite
Eight of Pentacles, from the Universal Waite


Ten of Cups, Universal Waite
Ten of Cups, from the Universal Waite

Answer: Eight of Pentacles, Ten of Cups. What’s the story here? I see two messages in these cards. The first is that working hard is a pretty good route to manifestation. It’s not all about wishing!

But the other message is this: practice makes perfect. And that’s true for wishing, for visualizing, for affirming, for being grateful for abundance, for whatever manifestation method you are practicing. Working is part of it, yes, but we might also have to work at doing a more effective job of wishing. Visualization needs to be working well, faith has to be operational, and maybe work itself needs to be seamlessly integrated into the whole shebang. 

What is that saying? Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration? I think there’s truth in that, but it’s also a big illusion. (Well, everything is true, but also nothing is true.) Because the one percent inspiration, I think, just may be where the magic happens.

Let’s put it this way. Work, itself, is an act of faith. Just like visualization and gratitude are. Here’s what I now think: work may well be required, but faith is what does the manifesting. Work is faith in a physical form (oh, and especially if you are an entrepreneur!!!). Without faith, work just may not get you anywhere. With it, you just might be unstoppable.


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