Tarot with Mad Libs: Don’t Tell Your Grandmother What to Do (If You Know What’s Good for You)

One of my favorite things to do is to use non-tarot card decks for divinatory purposes. It’s fun! So, you’ve sometimes seen my posts related to cards I pulled from the Corporate Flash Cards, for instance. And I’m slowly working on getting the Ninja Wisdom Deck up to speed.

Mad Libs
Mad Libs cards

But tonight, after game night with my kids, I decided to fool around with the Mad Lib cards. I pulled a few cards for each of a few family members. For my husband, I drew bulldoze, burn, shocking, and desperate (what can I say? he has a lot of Taurus planets). For my teenager, terminate, pierced, and steamroll (gad, I hope she’s not planning on piercing anything! but she can pretty easily steamroll over me) and for my tween, squashed, tweak, and choirboys (well, she sings in a choir, and has been known to squash some things and tweak others, and for that matter to BE squashed at times). For myself, browbeat, incredible, bashfully (do I really browbeat? I probably do most things bashfully).

For my dad, I pulled drink, fiercely, and cheerfully, and for my mom, endlessly, belly button, and choirboys (hmm, she also used to sing in a choir…).

And for all of you? What message do the Mad Libs have for you tonight? Let’s see…

terminate (something to do with endings?)

forbidden (boundaries are at issue)

grandmothers (you know who you are)

Past Life, Universal Wisdom deck, Toni Carmine Salerno
Past Life, from the Universal Wisdom deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

and, for clarification: drink (something that hydrates or intoxicates us)

Well, this might seem like nonsense to some of you. It IS a Mad Lib. Still, I see something here. When I see the word “forbidden” next to “grandmother,” my first thought is, “nobody forbids a grandmother anything!” Getting to do what you want, within reason, is one of the few privileges of advanced age. So is getting to say what you want. Yes, I’d terminate those forbiddings, if I knew what was best for me…we can’t forbid the grandmothers to drink. We can’t forbid grandmothers hydration and we certainly can’t forbid them intoxication. Some of them are intoxicated by definition before they even take a drink!

So my advice, gleaned from these cards, is, listen to the grandmothers, even if they seem intoxicated, demented, loopy, or just plain old. Much wisdom comes from madness, and much from age and experience. In fact, grandmothers (and grandfathers too) are in a special place — a place of objectivity. A place and time when one no longer has that much interest in collecting wealth, or honors, or good will. A place and time when you might as well just blurt out the truth. So listen. Because it’s not always that easy to find people who will tell you the god’s honest truth.

And definitely, don’t try to put boundaries around your grandmother. It won’t work anyway. Just enjoy her, and enjoy the time you have left with her.

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