Reflect, Review, Renew, Restore, Regroup: Use Mercury Rx Energy to Your Advantage

The Hermit, Six of Pentacles, Lisa Hunt, Fantastical Creatures Tarot
The Hermit and the Six of Pentacles from Lisa Hunt’s Fantastical Creatures Tarot

Notice all the “re” words in my title? We are heading into this month’s intense Mercury retrograde (which started on Saturday). Though many of us think of Mercury retrograde as a difficult time that we just have to survive with as little damage as possible, that’s really a misconception. Sure, this can be a difficult time — and we might experience a lot of communication/technology/transportation snafus and breakdowns — but we can also use this energy to our advantage, by not fighting it and, instead, flowing with it. How?

I pulled two cards today from Lisa Hunt’s Fantastical Creatures Tarot (a recent Half Price Books find, yay!). Today we have the Hermit and the Six of Pentacles. I always love to see the Hermit, probably because I sort of am one. Many people in my family think it’s simply not healthy that I spend so much time alone! But there are times when taking some time alone for reflection is a very healthy practice, and Mercury retrograde is one of the best times to do this. Moreover, we are also heading towards Halloween — the perfect time to reconsider the past. Issues and matters that we thought were dead to us may reappear (there’s another “re”!). When we turn our attention to these matters, instead of trying to hide from or escape them, we can use this energy well and wisely to make important changes in our lives.

The Six of Pentacles here tells us that making these changes can lead to positive manifestations in our lives. My photo of these cards sucks (I’m not a good photographer!) but, if you look carefully, maybe you can see the wood stove in the background, and the light coming through the open window. Reflecting and reviewing past issues can help us to shed light on the past, and it can help us to bring warmth to issues that previously left us cold.

The person on this Six of Pentacles card is a domovoy, a spirit from Russian folklore who lives in the home and guards the family and its wealth. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, domovoy lore is related to ancestor worship (I already said this, but I’ll say it again: Halloween is coming!). The seasons are changing. We have already harvested whatever we are going to harvest from the summer’s work. Of course, we still need money to come in once the summer is over. But we can’t run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to bring money in (entrepreneurs, I’m speaking especially to you!). We have to take the appropriate amount of time to plan and lay the groundwork for what is to come. Planning and groundwork will protect us, like the domovoy does. Planning, of course, includes not only planning for the money that we need to have come in, but also budgeting how we will frugally husband the money that we currently have to get us through this time of reflection and planning.

And as for the communication/technology/transportation problems that we may also be experiencing right now, consider this: the universe has thoughtfully provided us with a period of time in which we are discouraged from running around and going everywhere, a time in which we are discouraged from doing staticky, electrical things, a time in which we don’t have to feel that we need to reach out and connect with our entire network. Communications and transportation are breaking down because this isn’t the time to be with other people. It’s a time for solitude. Mercury retrograde is something to be grateful for, not something to rail against and fight. Respect (another “re” word) this energy, and revel in it. We might as well revel in our solitude for right now — it’s not as if we have been left with much of a choice! For everything there is a season, so just flow with this.

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