Messages From the Universe…On My Kindle? (Or: Yes, the Universe Does Laugh At Us)

Taking a break today, I pulled out my Kindle and began to read. As I read, I began to wonder how my daughter was doing. She is on a school field trip, a “transcendental adventure,” with her class — they went to the woods and to a pond together in order to try to recreate Henry David Thoreau’s experience at Walden (though just for this one day). But it’s been raining all day and started pouring a little while ago, so I’m not sure how well this experience is really going to kindle (pun intended) the students’ passion for Thoreau. (Although before leaving this morning, my daughter informed me that Thoreau liked rain.) Anyway, I turned the Kindle off and went to look out the window to see how hard it’s raining now. When I turned back to my Kindle, I found it displaying the following ad: IMG_20141014_113608

Yes, the universe does laugh at us…


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