What Does It Mean When Wealth Appears in the Cards?

Seven of Pentacles, or Wealth, from the Samurai Tarot
Seven of Pentacles, or Wealth, from the Samurai Tarot

After saying that I would post a card for the day on social networks, and not on my website, I found myself today writing way too much to put on a social network. So, my card for the day is here at the website, after all….

Card for the Day: from the Samurai Tarot, the Seven of Pentacles

In the Samurai Tarot, this card represents wealth, which (sigh) means that it is a card that is likely to be instantly misunderstood. What does wealth mean to you? Assess your own views on the matter. Because I don’t see a coin on this card, anywhere. I see a beautiful, inviting ocean. I see a tree growing out of a large stone. And I see women jumping happily from a secure boat in a calm sea into that inviting water. What does this say to you about wealth? We have to be very careful in speaking about wealth, as I noted above, because it is so easy to be misunderstood. On the one hand, all we have to do is step outside into nature to realize that we already have all the wealth we need. On the other hand, we do have a legitimate need for the safety and security that actual money brings in terms of making it possible to have a roof overhead.

How do these two ideas connect, for you? Is it possible that there is a connection between knowing that you already have everything you need, and having it? At the same time, be careful in how you view that connection. Some people think you can magnetically attract money by having a good money mindset. There is a kernel of truth in that belief, but there is also more to it than your mindset. There is work involved. This card comes from the suit of pentacles–the message here is one of being down to earth, not of pie in the sky dreams. All is well, or can be well, financially, but that’s at least in part because we are grounded and are using good sense in choosing our actions. Note, as well, one other message of this card, which is that wealth, and money, tend to flow. The tide of this ocean can roll in, and roll out, and this back and forth is certainly delightful. The power of the ocean can also pummel us into sand, though, or fling us onto sharp rocks. And wealth does that to people too, at times. The ocean is calm and lovely today, and all is as we need it to be, but please don’t depend on it remaining so, because this is just one moment in time, and the nature of time is change. Flow. If we can float and surf on the waves, we can survive more easily, but if we are weighed down with too many possessions, we might sink to the bottom and drown. I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but am simply saying that this “wealth” card is not telling us to rejoice because wealth is coming, but rather, is telling us to enjoy and be thankful for what we have right now.

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