Cards for the Day Survey

When I first began this blog, I used to publish two cards for the day here. Later, I stopped putting cards for the day here and instead posted one card for the day on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But I don’t really know that a card or cards for the day are of any use to you readers in either location. Do you want to see cards for the day from me? If so, would you rather see them here on the Tarot Salve website, or in a social media location (and if so, which one)? While I’m at it: what time of the day would you prefer to see cards for the day? If you have a preference, please comment below. Thanks.


    1. Hi Paula,

      On Facebook, I am at (as myself, personally, but most of my posts are public), and at (the page for Tarot Salve, which I abandoned for awhile but have recently started posting at again, occasionally).

      On Twitter, I’m tarotsalve.

      On Instagram, I’m bonniemariefernandes.

      I’m actually not posting my cards for the day in any of those places at the moment. I stopped, though it was always enjoyable to post them, because I felt that maybe it wasn’t the most productive use of my time. But I may start again–still pondering that!

      Good advice to put these links more prominently somewhere on this website–I’m adding that to my to do list.



  1. Hi Bonnie~I like receiving your emails with tarot readings. I too didn’t realize you were on the other social media platforms-at least partially because I don’t spend as much time on those other channels right now myself.

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    1. Thanks, Lindsey! I’m thinking, though, but correct me if I’m wrong, that you probably enjoy the blog posts whether they are cards for the day or some other topic–right? So you might just prefer that I post more often, whether or not it is cards for the day. I’ve noticed, in terms of the stats for this site, that people go back to the cards for the day again and again–so the content there seems to be timeless, but that also means that they aren’t generally being used as a tool for anyone trying to plan their day. And to me that suggests that maybe I should focus on more timeless content and not worry about trying to do anything that is “for the day.”

      I don’t know–I am still mulling this over. I’ve also been given advice to start sending out an email newsletter once a month (which at one point I had planned to do). So one idea that I am considering is to not do cards for the day here OR on social media, but to do cards for the month via newsletter. Still thinking about that, though–it goes against the grain for me because personally, I don’t like newsletters (even though I subscribe to them!), as they clutter my inbox and often I don’t have time to read them. But a lot of people seem to like the idea of receiving a newsletter, and as a writer, I suppose I can write content just as easily for a newsletter as for anything else. So I might do that–but I am determined not to start until I have thought it through carefully and have planned what the purpose of such a thing might be.

      Anyway, thank you for your feedback!!!


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