You know Mercury MIGHT be retrograde if…. (or, why we should appreciate Mercury retrograde!)

  • The Magician--Samurai Tarot
    The Magician–a tarot card that is often associated with the planet Mercury. From the Samurai Tarot.

    your Google Voice voicemail is somehow ending up in your cell phone’s voicemail account.

  • your child missed the school bus this morning because it unaccountably arrived several minutes early.
  • you have a sudden desire to declutter and organize! (If this happens to you, go with it. Declutter your heart out. Now is the time!)
  • you just found (because you’ve been cleaning, sorting, and decluttering, right?) a key that you lost two years ago and it still works.
  • you just found money in your pocket that you left there several months ago.
  • you just found an old Visa gift card and it still has money on it.
  • your computer is acting very weird.
  • your text messages are delayed by hours.
  • your power just went out, again.
  • your car just broke down.
  • you just sold the house you’ve been trying to sell since 2009.
  • you tried to log into a website (or several) that you should be able to log into with no problem, and are told that your email is unknown.
  • relationship issues from several months ago (like, during the last Mercury retrograde) have suddenly re-emerged.
  • your husband borrowed your bicycle and brought it back noticeably damaged, yet he says he only rode it across the street and definitely did not wipe out. (Communication or transportation issue, or both!)
  • tarot decks that you haven’t used in awhile are suddenly demanding reuse.
  • you stop by the jail to teach meditation and it turns out that two inmates are being released (another re- word), so class is more rambunctious than usual.
  • the kids are coming home with massive amounts of review homework.
  • the school talent show experiences insane levels of technical difficulties, causing the emcees to frequently have to come back on stage to request volunteer knock knock jokes from the audience to kill time.

    The Magician--Yoga Tarot
    The Magician, from the Yoga Tarot
  • you just sold an article based on idea that you originally thought of in 2008 (you found the notes about it when you started decluttering).
  • you have decided to spend the weekend on a retreat.
  • you really want some serious rest (hey, it starts with re-!)

See, there really is both good and bad connected with Mercury retrograde. Try to work with the review/organize/declutter-release/bring order out of chaos energy of this particular time. Consider that the issues from the past that come back up have done so for a reason. They have yet to be released, and now is a good time for that. And consider, as well, that you need space in order to manifest (like the Magician). Mercury retrograde is a marvelous time to clear room in your life for all sorts of wonderfulness.

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